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Research is the one of the primary components of scientific advancement in this technological era. Disseminating findings through presentation and discussion with members of related fields enriches the collective knowledge base and improves the quality of individual research. Scientific conferences are a great way to share and discuss ideas.


From left to right: Yaseen Hamaamin, Edwin Martinez and Subhasis Giri at the ASABE conference.

This August, Subhasis Giri (Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering), Edwin Martinez (Crop and Soil Sciences) and Yaseen Hamaamin (Civil and Environmental Engineering), who all work with the Environmental Modeling Laboratory in Biosystems Engineering, attended the annual American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) conference in Louisville, Ky. At the conference they met professors, students, and policy makers in their research areas of implementation of best management practices (BMPs), application of fuzzy logic in hydrology, and modeling of wetlands to improve water quality. Their trip was supported by the ESPP travel fund. Any MSU graduate student can apply for ESPP travel funding, not just those in the ESPP doctoral specialization. The funding is for any interdisciplinary conference or meeting where a student is displaying a poster or presenting work orally. Funding will continue to be offered quarterly. For more information, see ESPP’s conference funding.

Subhasis Giri

My experience at the ASABE conference in Louisville was really amazing. I attended multiple oral and poster sessions on nutrient transport and water quality, received various ideas for new research while interacting with

colleagues, and presented my own work. The most interesting part of the conference for me was the question and answer session following my presentation. I learned the many ways my research findings can be applied to other fields and was also able to give some direction to graduate students, professors, and policy makers on how they can implement my research techniques in their own work . I further interacted with conference attendees at the poster sessions, which was eye opening. From the presenters, I was able to bring myself up-to-date on research in my area of study and learned techniques which were previously beyond my ability, such as optimization and soft computing. Overall, the experience nurtured and honed my current expertise, helped me to develop useful new techniques, and enabled me to see the benefit of my work outside of my own research area. I would like to thank ESPP for providing me financial support for the conference which is really an encouragement to me and other students.

Edwin Martinez

Attending the annual ASABE meeting this year was an excellent opportunity for professional development and provided me with unique ideas, directions, and knowledge to aid in completing my PhD research. The conference helped broaden my experience as an educator and presenter by allowing me to share my knowledge about wetlands with other professionals while getting answers to some of my research questions. I also met individuals from related industries, academia and state and federal government agencies. My poster presentation, “Modeling Wetland Physiographic and Hydrologic Properties Effects on Water Quality Using SWAT,” allowed me to interact with researchers studying wetland ecosystems in addition to teaching others about my area of expertise. I am very thankful for ESPP’s assistance in attending the ASABE conference. Participating in these types of events benefits graduate students’ career and network development, improves their research confidence, and helps them see innovative research and career pathways.

Yaseen Hamaamin
Attending the ASABE was a great experience for me as graduate student. I met professors from around the world and had many valuable conversations, especially during my poster presentation in the conference’s water and soil section. I heard lectures on sustainability and was exposed to a variety of new research.. It was great opportunity for me to attend ASABE hydrological group meeting. Attending this exciting academic conference wouldn’t have been easy without ESPP‘s help and was grateful for the opportunity.

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