Annick Anctil

Annick  Anctil
  • Associate Professor
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering




Annick Anctil graduated with a Ph.D. in Sustainability from the Rochester Institute of Technology and is now an assistant professor in Civil & Environmental Engineering. Her group use proactive sustainability assessment to reduce the environmental impact of new technologies. Process-based life-cycle assessment (LCA) is used to identify critical steps in current technologies and guide greener alternatives by combining theoretical environmental assessment and experimental work. Evaluating the environmental impact of commercialized and future solar photovoltaics technologies constitutes the core of her research but she also has projects related to battery, nanomaterials production and wastewater treatment.


  • Environmental impact of solar technologies (scarcity, toxicity and energy payback)
  • End-of life management of photovoltaic wastes
  • Solar potential in the Southeast United States
  • Battery Environmental Impact Characterization
  • Process design and life cycle modeling of wastewater treatment
  • Life cycle assessment in metallurgy sector
  • An Educational Simulation Tool for Integrated Coastal Tourism Development in Developing Countries (UN-DESA)