Abhinav Kapoor

Abhinav  Kapoor
  • Ph.D. Student
  • Dual Major
  • School of Planning, Design, and Construction
  • College of Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • College of Social Science





I am Abhinav Kapoor, and I am a final-year PhD student studying the ecological impacts of urbanization in the periphery of capital cities, particularly New Delhi, India, and Metro Manila, the Philippines. As a graduate student at the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, I am majoring in Urban and Regional Planning and the Environment Science and Policy Program (ESPP). I graduated from Delhi University's undergraduate program in Economics in 2012 and went on to obtain a master's degree in the same field in 2014. Later, I attended the Tata Institute of Social Studies to pursue a Master of Philosophy in Development Studies while also working as a teaching assistant for two semesters. After starting my PhD in 2019, I became interested in methods like remote sensing and bibliographic analysis, both of which have been used extensively in my research. In my final year now, I am researching the ecological effects of urbanization in the surrounding areas of capital cities, specifically Metro Manila (Philippines) and New Delhi (India), for my doctorate. Outside of the classroom, I have also assisted in solving real-world problems, especially in initiatives pertaining to Michigan's drinking water. My prior training in international development combined with programming skills in R Studio and Python, I am committed to bridging the gap between theoretical research on landcover change and understand its real-world ecological implications. A part of me is also an enthusiastic teacher. In the past I have taught or assisted in teaching several courses including UP 100 (Summer 2022, Summer 2023). Explore my latest academic endeavors on my webpage.