ESPP Research Colloquia Series

ESPP hosts a Research Colloquia Series that extends the format of the former student research presentations by ESPP dual major students to now include a variety of formats including student and expert panel discussions, faculty roundtables and debates. These events utilize ESPP's unique network of MSU expertise spanning MSU's colleges to address important and timely environmental issues that cross disciplinary boundaries. The ESPP Research Colloquia Series is a forum for MSU students, researchers and visitors to engage in research discussions where an interdisciplinary perspective is critical.

Schedule for Fall 2019 Colloquia


Date Topic Panel Discussants Location

3 p.m. Monday Sept. 9

Improving Food Security in Africa: Pros and Cons of Tech Transfer
  • Dr. Jeffrey Andresen, Geography, Environment and Spatial Sciences
  • Dr. Bruno Basso, Geological Sciences
  • Dr. Leo Zulu, Geography, Environment and Spatial Sciences

 273 Giltner Hall

2 p.m. Wednesday Sept. 11

Go Green! MSU and East Lansing Sustainability and Green Energy Initiatives
  • Dr. Sharlissa Moore, James Madison and Engineering
  • Dr. Andre Benard, Mechanic Engineering
  • Dr. Bruce Dale, MSU AgBioResearch
  • Jeffrey Kusler, Chief Financial Officer, Journey Federal Credit Union

 273 Giltner Hall


Note to Our Student Presenters:

The student-organized colloquia provides ESPP dual major students a venue to gain practical knowledge and experience organizing interdisciplinary scholastic activities, skills necessary for a variety of career activities such as professional conferences and research panels.  A dual major student first identifies a broader research area that encompasses his or her research work, and then invites one or more other speakers who are experts in this area to serve on a discussion panel. The or panelists could be fellow students, faculty members such as the student’s advisors or committee members, or other researchers. A typical colloquium will include a 30 to 50 minute presentation by the student followed by 10 minutes of questions and answers for the student, and 30 minute panel discussion with questions for the panel prepared by the student.

ESPP Dual Major Students will be required to present their own research before they graduate.  It is up the student at what point in their graduate program they will organize their colloquium.  The student can choose one of two approaches for their colloquium: it can be used by an early career graduate student to explain their research interests, ask specific questions of the panel and audience, and get feedback on their research trajectory; or the colloquium can be used by a senior graduate student to share their results and conclusions.  With either approach, a dual major student’s colloquium will serve as a venue to highlight important issues in the broader research area, to showcase the student’s own research approach in this broader context, and, with the presence of the student’s advisors and/or committee members, to defend the student’s research methods and gather feedback.
The student organizer will be responsible for scheduling a date in the seminar series before the start of the semester with the series committee. The number of student-organized colloquia will vary each semester to accommodate dual major students so they can meet this requirement.  Questions about organizing your colloquium should be sent to