Wishing Marcy Heberer happy trails after 14 years with MSU

August 29, 2019 - Karessa E. Weir

The Environmental Science and Policy Program at MSU has had four directors, more than 100 students, dozens of staff and one Marcy Heberer.

Marcy has been a constant for many in program – the familiar, friendly voice answering the phone, the smile that greets you at the door of the main office, the capable manager who almost always has the answer.

But this fall, ESPP will have to carry on without Marcy, who has retired from MSU after 14 years in various positions on campus.

Although she will be gone from Giltner Hall, her presence and impact will continue to be felt:

“Marcy has been the heart and soul of ESPP.  On a personal level I greatly enjoyed her sense of humor and enthusiasm. When sledding is tough, that's what you need the most and Marcy, with her unwavering optimism, would always lend a helping hand,” said Vlad Tarabara, Professor of Engineering and former Assistant Director of ESPP. “I also have wonderful memories of homemade treats she'd bring to ESPP meetings and our many discussions - of ESPP's past, present and future as well as gardening - among many other topics!”

“It is hard to believe you are entering the next chapter of life.  Thank you for all that you did for ESPP and the kind support you showed me in every interaction I had with you.  Your overall positive energy was always a joy and I knew if I needed help with anything related to ESPP, you would do everything in your power to make it happen.  You will be missed!  Wishing you all the very best,” wrote Kelly Millenbah, Senior Associate Dean for the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

“Marcy is perhaps the longest serving member of the ESPP community, and has assumed a wide range of responsibilities during her time in ESPP. I have always been extremely impressed with her passion and dedication towards ESPP, and her willingness to help our community members including students. She has been instrumental in ensuring the success of the many events ESPP has organized - she makes sure that we start early in making preparations, and is never shy from shepherding the entire team towards ESPP’s common goods,” said Jinhua Zhao, former ESPP Director and Professor of Economics.


Jinhua Zhao and Marcy Heberer