Student Travel Support

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ESPP offers travel support for our students to attend national and international conferences and workshops, to collect data in the field. Application is accepted throughout the year.

To request travel support, students should contact, and are encouraged to provide the following details:

  1. Purpose of travel: Specify whether it is for a conference, fieldwork, or data collection. In the case of a conference, indicate if the student will be presenting a paper and clarify their role.
  2. Exploration of other funding avenues: Has the student pursued assistance from alternative sources, such as their primary program, the conference organizers, their home college, the graduate school, or their advisor (particularly if the student is working on the advisor's project)?
  3. Support letter from the advisor: A letter from the advisor will be helpful to underscore the necessity and significance of the travel.
  4. Comprehensive budget: Provide a breakdown of the entire trip's expenses. Even if the student is seeking partial support, the budget should encompass all costs, including those covered by other funding sources.
Please contact if you have more questions. 

2024 Recipients


Jing Zhou (School of Planing, Design, and Construction)

Project/Event: 2024 Annual Conference of the Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture, St. Louis, MO

Leo Baldiga (Geography, Environment, and Spatial Sciences)

Project/Event: Field work in Thailand

Yuqian Zhang (Fisheries and Wildlife)

Project/Event: North American Regional Chapter of the International Association for Landscape Ecology Annual Meeting, Oklahoma City, OK

2023 Recipients

Clara Graucob (Fisheries and Wildlife)

Project/Event: Resilience Alliance Annual Science Meeting


Johnny Musumbu (Community Sustainability)

Project/Event: Feasibility study in the Democratic Republic of Congo


Gabriela Shirkey (Geography, Environment, and Spatial Sciences)

Project/Event: International Association of Landscape Ecology Conference, Riverside, CA