Dr. Lifeng Luo | Director

Dr. Lifeng Luo is the Director of the Environmental Science and Policy Program. He is also a Professor in the Department of Geography, Environment, and Spatial Sciences. His research interests are mainly in the field of hydroclimatology, a multidisciplinary field with strong links to climate science, hydrology, and water resources.

Dr. Luo attended Peking University to study Atmospheric Sciences before coming to the U.S. for advanced degrees. He received both an MS and Ph.D. in Atmospheric Sciences/Climatology from Rutgers University, advised by Prof. Alan Robock.  In 2003, he started his postdoctoral training at Princeton University with a joint appointment between the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the Program of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science. He was then promoted to continue working at Princeton as a research scientist in the Land Surface Hydrology Group led by Prof. Eric Wood. Dr. Luo joined the faculty at Michigan State University in the fall of 2009.

Phone: (517) 884-0547

Dr. Joseph Hamm | Graduate Program Director

Joseph Hamm is the Graduate Program Director for ESPP. Joe is also an Associate Professor in MSU's School of Criminal Justice. His work lies at the nexus of governance and the public where he investigates what trust is, how best to appropriately measure it, and its connection to "outcomes" like cooperation and compliance. Joe works closely with a variety of governance organizations including police agencies, court systems, water infrastructure managers, public health authorities, and a variety of other state and federal entities with the overarching goal of contributing to a cross-boundary social science of trust.

Joe serves as associate editor of Criminal Justice and Behavior and the Journal of Trust Research. His teaching responsibilities include CJ 905 (Law and Society), CJ 908 (The Cross-Boundary Social Science of Trust in the Institutional Context), and ESP 804 (Environmental Applications and Analysis).

Joe also leads the Teaching, Researching, and Understanding the Social Science of Trust Lab and supervises the School of Criminal Justice's doctoral traineeship in the State Courts and Society.

Phone: 517-355-6603

Tina Bird | Office Manager and Graduate Program Coordinator

Tina Bird is the Office Manager and Graduate Program Coordinator for the Environmental Science and Policy Program.  Tina is a native of Michigan and has worked in the accounting field at Michigan State University for over 25 years.  She joined ESPP in 2021.

Phone: 517-432-8832

Hannah Hawes | Undergrad Office Assistant

Hannah is a junior in the School of Criminal Justice.  She is the office assistant at ESPP, helping others to take care of all kinds of tasks. Hannah is a native of Michigan growing up in Flint.