ESP 800: Introduction to Environmental Science and Policy

ESP 800: Introduction to Environmental Sicence and Policy

Offered: Spring (annual)
Tuesday 1:00 p.m. - 3:50 p.m.
273 Giltner Hall
Dr. Wei Zhang (
 and Dr. Adam Zwickle (


This team-taught course provides a broad overview of scholarship areas and key research questions in the intersection of environmental science and policy. It explores the core concepts and research methods of multiple disciplines involved in policy-relevant environmental research with readings and presentations from scholars from MSU and visiting institutions. Students will learn basic concepts of interdisciplinary research, and develop a basic understanding of typical research methods and analytical techniques that will facilitate effective communication with members of different disciplines. A series of interdisciplinary MSU research teams visit the course over the semester to discuss their research and address topics related to facilitating interdisciplinary teamwork and translation of science into policy. Research team speakers have included: Jinhua Zhao, Joan Rose, Steve Chester, Julie Winkler, Bruno Takahashi, Joe Herriges, Paul Thompson, Brian Teppen, Patricia Norris, and Meredith Gore.