Recruiting Fellowships

Recruiting Fellowships

ESPP offers a limited number of Recruiting Fellowships to new students who are admitted to a Ph.D. program at MSU for the Fall semester and are interested in earning a dual major doctoral degree in Environmental Science and Policy. 

Graduate Program Directors of the primary program can identify potential applicants and submit the fellowship nomination to ESPP. The application package include:

  1. Nomination form filled out by the department.
  2. Letter from primary Graduate Program Director indicating acceptance into the graduate program, funding offer from the primary program, and nomination for ESPP Doctoral Recruiting Fellowship.
  3. Dual major doctoral degree program application form filled out by the student.
  4. A copy of the student's application package to their primary program
    • Copies of all undergraduate and graduate transcript
    • Letters of recommendations
    • Curriculum vitae
  5. A letter (2-3 pages) from student indicating their interest in being considered for an ESPP Doctoral Recruiting Fellowship, their interests in performing interdisciplinary research in Environmental Science and Policy, aspects of their academic background and professional experience that makes the student uniquely suited to make contribution to ESPP.  This is an extended version of the statement of interest replacing the 500-word statement in the regular application.
The above nomination package should be submitted to ESPP ( by February 1, 2024.  ESPP Graduate Program Council (GPC) will review all nominations and make recommendations as early as possible to help with recruiting the student.

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